Louis Owen on his Indian motorcycle

Louis Owen on his Indian motorcycle in the mid to late forties outside Irvington, Kentucky.

About Louis Owen’s Indian:
Louis says, “That was a 1937 Indian 30.50 (that’s 30 and a half cu inches or 500 cc’s ) I think 61 cu inches is a liter or 1000 cc’s. I think the 45 cubit inch was the Scout and this one might have been called the Pony. I bought it for $50 when I was in high school. Bought it from a man in Louisville where I worked one summer while going to University of Louisville to take Physics and Trig that wasn’t offered at the high school where I attended. I worked during that summer at a filling station and stayed with friends of the family in Louisville.”

Some Indian motorcycle history:
In 1932, cost cutting led to the Scout’s using the heavier Chief frame, which was less successful. The negative reaction to this Scout led to the creation of the Sport Scout of 1934, with a light frame, Girder forks, improved carburation and alloy cylinder heads. The Sport Scout won the first Daytona 200 in 1937. Many Scouts were used in the Second World War, but the model was dropped when the civilian production restarted in 1946. In 1948, Indian built just 50 units of the Daytona Sports Scout, (The “Big Base” Scout), one of which took Floyd Emde to victory in that year’s Daytona 200 mile (322 km) race. Smaller 500 cc (30.5ci) Scouts were also built between 1932 and 1941, known as the Scout Pony, Junior Scout and Thirty-Fifty.


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