It’s Owen Reunion Time

Wow, this website has been neglected for many months. It can’t be June of 2011 already can it? 2010 was a weird year with the oil spill spewing oil for months on end. Very late in 2010 was the year I first learned WordPress. Also very late in 2010 was when I first started Facebook and first bought a digital video camera. 2010 was the first year that I started using a PC after using an obsolete Mac for many years. I’ve used a Mac since 1993 but the last Mac I bought was a 1998 model. Only until it became obsolete to hook up to DSL did I switch to a PC.

A lot of things that should be on this website are on my Facebook Page in the Photos Department and Videos Department. Facebook is like the 800 pound Gorilla that takes over other personal websites. I’ll try to get more things here and certainly will after the reunion. There are pictures to be made but usually there’s a video camera in my hand.

Mom turns 80 on June 23rd, and Marnie’s birthday is the same day. Fathers day is this weekend. It will be a big weekend for everybody. See you in Glascow Country.

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A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
David Brinkley
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