Group picture Sept 1957

Group picture Sept 1957. There are written descriptions on the back. See the scan of that also.

STANDING L-to-R Ted (Onies brother), Grace (Ted’s daughter), little boy below Grace is her son, Louis doesn’t know his name. Louis says he later became a doctor, Kathy, Irving, Velma, Wilson Heltsley holding me (David Owen), Paul Richmond (Ted’s son) and Duncan Richmond (Ted’s nephew)
SEATED L-to-R Duncan’s daughter (Louis doesn’t know her name), Alma Susan, Peggy Owen, next person (Probably Duncans wife), Grace Marie (no doubt Graces daughter), Louis Owen

Louis says, “The picture was made at a place where my grandparents moved to in Russelville after leaving Lewisburg before moving to Hopkinsville Street. This was on Lewisburg Road I think they called it. They didn’t live here long before getting the double so Lou and Lizzy could move in with them.”



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