Edwina Boucher

Janie (Owen) Haskett says (Aug. 26, 2010), “When I was just a few months old, Mom and Dad moved to Bowling Green so Dad could preside at Kerr Memorial Methodist Church. I guess your Dad was already in the service or something, because he didn’t live there in the parsonage across the street. Ed and Cullie Tanksley, and their daughter, Edwina, went to our church. Edwina had a beauty salon in their house. They had a chihuahua named Tricksy. They babysat me a lot. When my family, LD, Peg and baby Amy went on vacation to Washington DC, I stayed with the Tanksleys because I had the mumps or measles or something. They were just like grandparents to me. When Edwina married, I was her reluctant flower girl. I wouldn’t go out because the groom wasn’t out there yet and I wasn’t going to start without him. So I ended up walking down the aisle with Edwina holding her hand. I spent many nights at her house with her and her husband, John. We moved away just a few years later when I was five. It broke my heart to be leaving them. But we remained close friends throughout our lives. When Mom and Dad retired to Bowling Green, Edwina and John were still there. And Tank, as we affectionately called Edwina’s father, was still there too. John and Edwina were never able to have children of their own and adopted two, a boy and a girl a few years later. Edwina was plagued with poor health for many, many years. John always took very good care of her. John died in 2006 and Edwina ended up in Rosewood Healthcare in Bowling Green. Her daughter, Liz, and her two daughters were living with Edwina and John when he died and still live in the house. John was in the hospital for a month before he died and he knew Liz couldn’t give Edwina the care she needed and made the arrangements with Rosewood. When I see you, remind me to tell you the story of the year Edwina almost died during our family reunion. Anyway, Edwina does remarkably well at Rosewood. She says she has no choice. Her hands are so crippled, she can barely hold a glass. She has very little company, and when Jim and I are in Kentucky we always go visit her. She would love to see my siblings but they don’t visit her. There are not a lot of people you can call truly loyal friends. But Edwina and John were mine. If I had called them from West Virginia or New York and said come get me, they would have found a way. Edwina has a board on her wall in the little room she has half of. The board holds pictures of her parents, children and grandchildren. It will hold this new picture too. She has always referred to me as her “first child.” And I know this picture will bring her lots of wonderful memories of her dear friend, Velma, and her first child.”

L-to-R Janie (Owen) Haskett, Edwina, Velma Owen, Amy (Owen) O’Brien


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