Isaac Henry Owen group picture

This picture was made after the close of World War I. Arthur (my Dad’s Uncle) is home from France and Wesley Thomas Owen, my Great Great Grandfather had passed on. BACK ROW-Homer, Clyde, Arthur, his wife Minette, Esther Mae, and Irving (my Grandfather). MIDDLE ROW-Roy, Isaac Henry Owen (Irving’s Dad), Edith and Susan Stella Duncan Owen (Irving’s Mother) SITTING BELOW-Marshall and Garnett.


Wesley Thomas Owen group picture

SEATED L-to-R Wesley Thomas Owen, my Great Great Grandfather, Roy, Homer, Alma Mason, Irving (my Grandfather), Edith, Marshall and Susan Stella Duncan Owen (Irving’s Mother) holding Garnett. STANDING L-to-R Thomas Mason, Esther Mae, Esther Mason (sister of Susan Stella Duncan Owen), Clyde and Isaac Henry Owen (Irving’s Dad). Garnett was born on March 29, 1915 and Wesley Thomas Owen died on September 27, 1916. Since Wesley Thomas Owen was confined for several months before his death, this picture was evidently taken in 1915. In the rear can be seen the outline of the roof of the barn which burned in July 1917. In September 1964 Irving wrote down that he (Irving) and Velma (my Grandmother) had in their home the chair in which Susan Stella Duncan Owen is seated in this picture.


Four Generations taken July 4th, 1911

Four Generations taken July 4th, 1911

Wesley Thomas Owen is on the right.

Louis says, “I’ll give this my best shot. The woman (2nd from right) looks like Ike’s sister might have looked in her earlier years. When I was about 5 or 6 years old I went to visit Ike and Stella. During the visit I would ride to Cave City with Ike in the Buggy (pulled by Dan the horse). He would park the buggy by his sister Lou’s house while we shopped. That’s where I remember seeing her and maybe I saw pictures of her somewhere. It does seem to look like the same person. The man on the left must be her son with his little daughter.”

Janie (Owen) Haskett says, “I’m speculating here. According to Aunt Edith’s booklet, Wesley Thomas had seven children. The two oldest were daughters, Louonah, born 1864, and Phebe, born 1867. Louonah was married to James Leslie White and had one child named Leslie. I assume this was a boy named after his father. It could be Louonah and Leslie in the picture if Leslie had a child. Phebe was married to John Higdon and had seven children. The first four were boys: Wesley, Ira, Carl and Earl. It could be Phebe in the picture with one of them and their child.”

Louis adds, ” I figured that the lady was Lou. (I didn’t know the full name). I remembered her from my rides to Cave City with Ike when I was 5 or 6 years old. At the time she must have been around 70 years old. Your figures would substantiate that. I can remember dad talking about Leslie White but I never made the connection. That almost has to be Leslie in the picture. I have no idea what the child’s name is.”


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