4-6-2 “Pacific” Type Locomotive


The 4-6-2 type, or “Pacific”, as the class was known, was the predominant steam passenger locomotive during the first five decades of the 20th century. Between 1902 (when the first locomotives of the wheel arrangement were produced) and 1930, about 6800 locomotives of the type were built for US and Canadian service. One reasonably accurate estimate of the number of steam locomotives produced for Class 1 US and their Canadian equivalents are 75,000 units. Thus, Pacifics made up about 9% of total steam locomotives built. To put this figure in perspective, a reasonable figure for US domestic Class 1 steam locomotives installed between 1931 to 1949 is 2500/2600.

Blue Mountain and Reading Railroad 4-6-2 number 423 getting ready for the day’s tourist train.


Train Wreck in Irvington, Kentucky

A photo I inherited from Mamaw Owen: Dad says, “I do remember this train wreck. It was in Irvington, Kentucky sometime when we lived there. I would have been in High school at the time. There was no real photographer in town so Dad made some pictures (at the time he was developing his own films, remember the camera he was loading in another photograph, the Graphic camera?) I don’t know what caused it but it really looks like a complete crash job.”


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