New Jersey beach, 2 pictures

New Jersey beach, 2 pictures

Amy (Owen) O’Brien and Peggy Owen (halfway in picture). Hank Atwood who later became the Commanding Officer of a US Cruiser is also in this picture.


Amy (Owen) O’Brien


Cabin on the lake

Dad says, “The canoe picture was in New Jersey. The other couple and their little boy lived in the apartment across from ours (at Woodberry NJ). He was a naval officer also. One summer we rented a place on a small lake and my friend and I drove back and forth to work for several days while the wives and kids stayed in the cabin on the lake.”

Peggy Owen is in the pink blouse and Amy (O’Brien) Owen is holding the oar. No life jackets but this is the 50’s.


Another picture from that day …


Going away picnic

Dad says, “This picture was made near where we lived in New Jersey right before I got out of active duty with the Navy. My ship was in the Philadelphia shipyard at the time and we lived across the river in NJ. The occasion was a “going away picnic” for me, Peggy and Amy. That’s Amy in the basket. The others are officers from the ship and their wives. That is Peggy in the background. The man holding one side of the basket is Hank Atwood who later became the Commanding Officer of a US Cruiser.”


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