Bowling Green, East 12th Street (3)

The year is probably 1955 after Dad left active duty in the Navy. This is 102 East 12th Street, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101, the parsonage exactly across the street from Kerr Memorial Methodist Church, 103 East 12th Street, Bowling Green Kentucky 42101 where my Dad’s dad was the preacher. The parsonage hasn’t changed a bit in 55 years as you can see from this set of 6 pictures. In this picture from L-to-R is my Mom’s Dad (Charlie Flener), my Dad’s Mom’s Mom (Onie Heltsley) in the doorway, my Mom’s Mom, Lena Flener, my Dad’s Dad (and the preacher of Kerr), Irving Owen, Dad, my Dad’s Mom Velma Owen, and my Dad’s Mom’s Dad (Wilson Heltsley) holding Amy.


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