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7319 Van Lake Drive, Englewood Florida

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Nice whimsically shaped corner lot near Van Lake in Englewood Florida 5 miles from the beach, .22 acre with oversized easement, not in a flood zone, not in a Scrub Jay zone. 7319 Van Lake Drive, Englewood Florida 34224. Zoned Single Family. Lot approx. 9,500 sq ft sq. ft., 195x115x165 feet. Property sits across from Van Lake. Property is on a nice paved road with homes in the $105,000.00 to $225,000.00 range. Property previously sold for $29,000.00. The lot has power, phone, and water right to it but sewers are not in this area and will not be in the foreseeable future. Septic systems are OK. Closing was through Florida Abstract & Security Title Corp. in Port Charlotte, Florida. It came with Warranty Deed with Title Insurance. This is our lot and is not for sale.
What to watch out for in the Englewood Florida Area

Beware of Low Priced Lots in Charlotte County. Several things can kill your ability to build on a so-called residential lot. Only look at lots which are not in a flood risk area. Only look at lots which are not in Scrub Jay review area. Also, are there homes next to it which assures power, phone, and water right to it? And is the conveyance by Warranty Deed with Title Insurance?

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Pictures of Property and Neighborhood and Maps and Aerial Views of Property and SW Florida Gulf Coast
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Manasota Beach Park is about 5 miles from the property by car: 8570 Manasota Key Road Manasota Key, FL 34223, Admission Fee - Free, Hours - 24 hours per day, 365 days per year (parking closed from 12 AM 6 AM), Optimal time to visit - Year round, Amenities - Beach, lifeguard, boardwalk, fishing, boat ramps, docks, canoe/kayak launch, picnic areas, grills, volleyball court, restrooms, parking, Experiences - This is a wonderful place to spend your leisure time, whether you are interested in swimming, boating, fishing, walking, or collecting shells. Located at the north end of Manasota Key, it is also a quaint place to picnic and relax with a book. The beach is situated between the gulf and the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), with a boat ramp and docking facilities on the ICW allowing access to the bays and Gulf of Mexico. The 620 feet of boat dock serves as a scenic boardwalk meandering through the mangroves. History - In 1963, Manasota Beach consisted of a small beach (450 feet of Gulf frontage) with four concrete picnic shelters. Spoil from the construction of the ICW was pumped onto the bay side of Manasota Beach in the early 1960's, expanding the park. Additional beach was purchased by the County in the 1970's with financial assistance from a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant. Habitats - Open beach, coastal dune, coastal hammock, mangrove swamp, tidal marsh, seagrass beds, Acreage - 14 acres from gulf to bay (1,394 linear feet of gulf beach frontage), Watershed - Lemon Bay, Who Owns and Maintains - Owned and maintained by Sarasota County, Website

This probably won't happen but a round home and round detached garage for wind resistance would be cool. It would go great with this round edged lot.

A circular shape is the most energy-efficient design and also one of the most resistant to severe weather. Just look at nature. Birds and nearly all animals naturally build circular nests and dens to conserve winter heat and to withstand storms. There are two key reasons a circular house is more energy efficient than a rectangular one. First, for a given amount of usable floor space, a circular floor plan typically has about 15 percent less outdoor wall surface area. Less wall surface area means less heat loss (winter) or gain (summer) through the walls. The second reason is a smooth circular wall is more aerodynamic than a rectangular one with corners. When the wind flows smoothly around a circular wall, the air pressure difference on opposite walls is less. Less pressure difference means less air leakage into and out of the home and lower utility bills. Also, by being more aerodynamic to winds, a circular home can withstand high winds better than a rectangular one. It probably cannot withstand a direct hit by a powerful tornado or hurricane, but circular houses have been left standing when other nearby homes were demolished by high winds. Some circular home manufacturers, such as Deltec Homes, offer high-wind packages with extra-strong strapping. Choosing a pre-cut panelized building system is your best option for an efficient circular house. There are many standard plans available, ranging from small cabins to 5,000-square-foot mansions. These are not cheap prefab kits. A standard 2,500-square-foot model can range in price from $55,000 (slab floor) to $70,000 (truss floor). Efficiency and amenity options can cost many thousands more. Circular homes are not truly circular. They are made of many flat insulated wall and window panels that create a circular appearance. Some use 4-foot-wide panels and others use 8-foot. More panels are used to create a larger home. Another unique option is an octagonal house. The length of each of the eight sides depends upon the size of the home. With the structure being circular, many windows can be placed in the south-facing walls for free passive solar heating. With the many panels, each room has walls at angles allowing for natural cross-ventilation during summer. The peaked roof, similar to an upside-down funnel, naturally vents the hot air out the center cupola opening. If you have the option, choose 2-by-6 or thicker walls for space for additional insulation. The following companies offer circular panelized houses: Deltec Homes, 800-642-2508,; Eagle's Nest Homes, 800-579-1079,; Helikon Design, 800-323-7863,; Octa-Structure, 800-448-4062,; and Topsider Homes, 800-941-9801,